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What is Intuition?

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Intuition is your unconscious pattern recognition; simple definition, complex idea.

Our unconscious mind is constantly seeking patterns in the world around us. These patterns could be something external, something you see or hear that could mean either danger or safety. Or these patterns could be based on internal signals such as hunger or fatigue.

Your sense of intuition gives you feedback based on your experience. Often that feedback is in the form of a physical sensation – a gut feeling.

Mindfulness is a key part of intuition for two reasons.

  1. You need to be aware of how you feel in order to “hear” your intuition talking.
  2. Being mindful gives your unconscious mind clearer information to work with as it searches for patterns.

Mindful eating is one way to reconnect with your intuition – and also makes eating more enjoyable.

By tapping into how you feel in the present moment, you can get feedback from your body and intuition. And you give better “data” to your intuition to recognize the patterns in your life.

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