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In the middle of an inflammatory flare, it’s nearly impossible to do anything besides rest. And in between flares, it’s scary to do anything extra (like hiking with a friend or taking the kids to the park) because you know you might pay for it later.

But living this way… isn’t “living.”

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Hi, I’m Samantha

I’m a registered dietitian (RD) and I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis when I was 24.

Intimidated by the amount of information coming at me from all angles, I wasn’t sure what to focus on first. I was scared that this would be my life forever. But as an RD, I decided to start with what I know – nutrition, mindfulness, and small incremental shifts (instead of massive lifestyle changes that aren’t sustainable).

These changes massively improved my quality of life and I started helping other people who struggled with similar inflammatory challenges. 

The approach that has made the most sense and worked for myself and my clients has been to focus on small changes, grounded in mindfulness: the Bare Minimum Health Plan.

I’m on a mission to help others learn how to make the lifestyle and mindset shifts that will help them fall back in love with their lives. 

Now, I’ll be honest with you – sometimes I still can’t hold a kettle full of water when I’m stiff in the mornings. But through some simple shifts, I have the confidence to face flares head-on because I know that I have the tools that enable me to live a life I love.

I would love to help guide you on your own journey to discover the lifestyle that works best for you

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My Values

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Connecting to your intuition leads you to greater balance in your life. It can tell you when you are leaning too far to the side so you can come back to centre.


Following your energy is a good exercise in intuition. Making decisions in the direction of greater energy has been key in my life. Energy is a good measure of your individual wellbeing.

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Connection with others, within yourself, between mind and body, even a connection with nature. Respect, compassion, and communication are important in and of themselves, and they serve to allow us to connect.

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The scientific method is the best way we have of understanding the world around us. It requires us to review the evidence, to test our assumptions, and to uncover our biases in an attempt to see the world more clearly.

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Canadian Spondyloarthritis Association – Medical Advisory Board

As a member of the medical advisory board of the Canadian Spondyloarthritis, I have created, co-created, and reviewed several different resources:

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