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Food and Symptom Journal for Chronic Pain


Identify patterns in how your food affects your symptoms with this journal with instructions and a 2-page spread for each day.

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preview images of the food and symptom journalThis printable PDF will allow you to track your symptoms and food intake so that you can identify patterns. Learn what foods affect your health and well-being through experience.

You likely have an intuitive sense that what you eat and do affects your pain, fatigue, or other symptoms. But how do you figure out what is going on?

I am a big advocate for mindful eating. This attention to the experience of eating can lead you to intuitively understand what foods make you feel good and which foods don’t work well for you. However, there are times when writing things down can be hugely beneficial.

This food and symptom journal has been designed for people with chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, as well as those who simply want to better understand how their habits impact their well-being. As you fill in the pages, you will start to see patterns. You can use these observations to make decisions on the types of habits that work for you. I also strongly encourage you to bring these observations to your healthcare team.

One of the biggest reasons for tracking your food intake and symptoms is to take that information out of your head. I generally recommend a pen-and-paper approach to tracking; it is more flexible and the act of writing is often calming. Plus, your pen and paper won’t be able to calculate your caloric intake, which can be very triggering to some people

In this journal, there is a two-page spread for each day to allow you the space to make notes of many factors that affect your health and well-being.

Note: This is a PDF download that you can print or use digitally. If you want a physical book mailed to you, go to or to order a physical copy.


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