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Anti-Inflammatory Path to Wellness Terms & Agreement

By agreeing to the terms, on the sales page,, you agree to the following terms:

Anti-Inflammatory Path to Wellness Course has been developed and presented by Samantha Holmgren, RD. The following agreement is between you (referred to here as “learners” or “group members”) and Samantha Holmgren Dietetic Services (referred to in this agreement as “Samantha”). I have written the agreement in plain English with the intent of ensuring it is as clear as possible.

Intellectual Property

This course was created by Samantha Holmgren. All intellectual property and copyright belongs to Samantha Holmgren, RD, unless otherwise specified.

Individual Access

You have purchased individual access to the course. This means that if you have friends who would benefit from the program, they should join separately, rather than sharing your password for the program.

Educational Purposes

This program has been developed for educational purposes. While the optional Office Hours allow the opportunity to ask questions to Samantha and get support from peers, this does not constitute individualized medical treatment.

Samantha will not be assessing learners to determine individual needs. This cannot be done in a course or group setting; therefore, Samantha cannot provide individualized medical treatment within this context.

While Samantha may encourage you to incorporate new behaviours and experiment by providing information on habits and behaviours that have shown benefit or promise, these are general recommendations only. Because each individual situation will be different, if you have been given advice or instruction from your medical team that counters any information provided in this program, prioritize the direct medical advice you have been given. Similarly, if you have any questions about how this would work in your own life or hesitation to starting a new habit, seek direct advice from your personal health care team.

There will be times when Samantha will explicitly encourage group members to seek advice from your medical team. However, this also applies to all information given during the program.

Personal Information & Privacy

You are under no obligation to share any personal information. During Office Hours, please share only the information you feel comfortable sharing.

During Office Hours, there will be space to receive support from other people who are learning the same information and going through similar life experiences; however, you do not need to share anything if you do not wish to.


Other people may share personal information with you during the course of this program. As a member of the group, you are expected to respect their right to confidentiality.

Group Conduct

You are expected to maintain a respectful tone when communicating with other learners, both in the live sessions and the group chat. This includes:

  • Maintaining curiosity — default to question-asking over advice-giving
  • Sharing your experience rather than giving advice, when applicable, see point 1
  • Avoiding interrupting others, and apologize if you accidentally do

Office Hours

To help you understand the course material and begin to incorporate the ideas into your life, weekly Office Hours are available. You will get the most benefit from these sessions if you are able to attend live. However, you will also be able to ask questions via email. These questions and answers will also be shared during the live Office Hours.

Recordings will be available to other learners for up to 1 month. After this time, they will be deleted to safeguard the confidentiality of any information shared and ensure that there is never an overwhelming amount of information available. (Note: Short videos will be recorded by Samantha on particularly interesting topics or common questions and added to the course to ensure that it continues to improve over time.)


I agree that the Anti-Inflammatory Life Group Coaching Program is intended for educational purposes and that I should get advice from my medical team for any individualized medical treatment concerns I may have.

I further agree that I am under no obligation to share any personal information that I am uncomfortable sharing.

I agree that I will respect my fellow group members and keep any personal information they choose to share confidential.