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Anti-Inflammatory Path to Wellness

You’re Too Young to Feel This Old!

Living with inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and spondylitis affects every moment of your day. The same thing goes for any condition that causes you daily stiffness, pain, and fatigue.

You’re completely over it from the moment you get out of bed, frustrated that you have to deal with this on top of all the stuff that comes with attempting to be a fully functioning adult.

Where other people your age may struggle to keep up with friends, you’re struggling to keep up with dishes.

When your friend’s toddler acts up, they just carry (or drag) the kid to relocate them. You have to hope that the child cooperates at least a little because you know your wrist cannot take carrying them all the way up the stairs.

Even on a good day, you know tomorrow could be a completely different story. It’s hard to make plans when you never know how much energy or spoons you’ll have on any given day. You feel like you have no way to predict how tired you might be or how much pain you’ll be in.

You feel like you’ve tried everything

  • Cutting out entire food groups, even the stuff you love
  • Taking handfuls of supplements every day
  • Following strict exercise routines — when you could move at all

Besides the chronic pain and fatigue, you’re feeling overwhelmed, isolated, anxious, helpless, frustrated, and even guilty

You’re playing the blame and shame game for not having enough “willpower.”

No wonder you’re burned out, exhausted and struggling!

This is not for you if…

  • You just want to be told what to do.
  • You are fixated on losing weight.

Are you ready to design a lifestyle that works for you?

What we’ll cover in this course:

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1. Setting Goals and Creating Habits that Stick

  • How to set achievable goals and create sustainable habits that fit your unique lifestyle and needs
  • Focus on implementing small, actionable steps for long term success, you’ll develop a roadmap for yourself so you can achieve your goals
  • Learn how to overcome common obstacles that can derail progress

2. Quick Wins to Help You Feel Better Fast

  • Incorporate the P.R.I.M.E. framework into your daily life to get some quick results
  • Simple, sustainable changes that have a BIG impact on your overall well-being
  • Build on the goal-setting habits from the first module and take it to the next level!
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3. The Mindset that Keeps You From Sticking to a Diet

  • Learn how to tap into your intuition to make health eating decisions that feel good
  • Explore the connection between your emotions and food
  • How to use mindfulness to listen to your body’s signals to create a sustainable and enjoyable way of eating that works for you
  • Get practical tools to help you build a positive relationship with food and a greater understanding of your body’s needs

4. Focus on Recovery with Rest & Gentle Movement

  • Focus to deal with fatigue caused by inflammatory flares
  • How to incorporate movement and exercise into your routine without burning out
  • Discover strategies to recovery and bounce back from flares
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5. The Basics of Healthy Eating

  • Explore diet options, pros and cons
  • Discover the sustainable eating plan that works and feels best for your body
  • Reviewing meal planning and prep so you can stick with healthy eating through the ups and downs of this life!

6. Dealing with the Stress of Chronic Pain & Fatigue

  • Explore the emotional impact of living with a chronic health condition
  • Learn practical strategies to cultivate a positive and empowered mindset
  • Discuss how the same skills from mindful eating and intuitive eating can be applied to the rest of your life to manage the stress
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table filled with colourful vegetables

7. Deep Dive on Nutrition & Inflammation

  • In this module we’ll go deep on nutrients and inflammation, the ways that specific foods and nutrients can affect your health
  • Explore different approaches so you can find what will work best for you, because it is very individual

8. Maintaining Your Momentum

  • How to continue to implement that habits, strategies, and knowledge
  • Explore resources and ways to get support to stay on track
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  • Workbooks for every module
  • Live Office Hours (or you can submit your questions in advance if you are not available for the live)
  • Resource library
    • Mindful eating guided meditation
    • Meal Planning Workbook
    • Goal Setting Journal
  • Lifetime access to all future updates and upgrades!

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I look forward to seeing you in the course very soon!